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Boys of Windsor

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The NEXT Generation:

Windsor's Merry Marauder

"5">Windsor Pure Panda-Monium at 19 Months Old

Windsor Pure Panda-Monium at 15 Months Old

Show Record:

22 April 2007--Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

First dog show ever--15 months in the Open class, Entry of 13 dogs:

Excellent - 1/CAC/Reserve CACIB


10 June 2007--Prague, Czech Republic--Judge Dr. Andreas Schemel

Entry of 38 dogs:  Excellent-1/CAC from the Open Class


17 June 2007--Salzburg, Austria

Excellent-1/CAC/Reserve CACIB

Windsor Chantilly Lace

The view from the balcony in our apartment


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Look Out For Panda In The Future!! Currently showing in Europe.

Windsor Pure Panda-Monium
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